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Anthony Monetti is a New Jersey bodybuilder and fitness model. He stands 5'10" and weighs 195 lbs. of solid muscle. He has 18 3/4" biceps, 28" quads, 17 3/4" calves, a 33" waist and 45" chest. You may have seen or heard about Anthony, you see, he is the bodybuilder who made a name for himself by his appearance on the MTV documentary show "True Life" in the episode called "I Want The Perfect Body". And indeed Anthony has what many would consider the perfect body. He works hard at achieving that level of perfection, and has tested himself in bodybuilding competitions. He has been competing since 1995 when he was a teen athlete. Most recently, in 2006, he placed 2nd at the INBF Northeast America and also at the INBF Amateur World Championships. He competed again in 2007 at the INBF Naturalmania Nationals, placing 5th. In addition to bodybuilding competitions, Anthony has competed as a fitness model, including winning the 2006 Mr. Fitness title. For the past 10 years Anthony Monetti has worked in many areas of the media entertainment world. He has appeared on nationally syndicated television several times and has also been featured as a model of fitness in numerous health and fitness magazines. is very pleased to be able to add Anthony Monetti to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models!

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