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Charlie is a 19 year old college student, personal trainer and bodybuilder from Mississippi. He competed in 2007 at the NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships held in Fort Lauderdale, his very first competition. We met and photographed this great looking guy at this show, where he placed 2nd in the light heavyweight class in the Teen Class. He is 6' tall and competed at 183 lbs of lean muscle. His waist measured a tiny 28", chest 47" and his biceps were 18". But Charlie really dieted hard to get into competition shape, dieting down from 260 lbs., and it would therefore not come as any surprise to learn that Charlie is an offensive lineman on his school football team. Charlie would like to explore opportunities in fitness modeling, and we think he has the looks to make his mark in that field. Charlie expects to compete again, and we cannot wait to see how he looks for that next show, but in the mean time we are very pleased to add Charlie to the lineup of top upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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