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Charlie Simeone

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We first photographed Charlie Simeone from New York City when he was 19 years old. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He was competing in natural shows. In 2007 he won his first show, INBF The All Natural Revolution, winning the Overall Teen Class, Men's Middleweight Class, and Men's Overall. We had seen Charlie before, at the 2006 INBF Long Island Experience, but he made such tremendous gains that he was nearly unrecognizable to us - he looked outstanding. Charlie then went on to compete in the 2007 INBF North Eastern Championship. He took the Teen Overall, and came in second for the Men's Middleweight Open Class. Charlie intended to compete in further shows and to come in even bigger. He is 5'8" tall. After one more show in 2008, Charlie wanted to take some time off and put on some muscle mass. Well, that he did! We saw Charlie again in 2010 competing at the NPC Long Island Championships, where he placed 2nd, this time in the Light Heavyweight Class against some really big boys. He weighed in at 195 lbs., and had cut his weight from an impressive 236 lbs. pre-contest. With 17.5" biceps (18.5 off season), a 48" chest (52" off season), 17" calves, 24" quads and a tiny 29" waist, Charlie looked amazing. We added an additional set of photos to Charlie's NAB portfolio which we took at the NPC show and that show his tremendous progress from our first shoot. We are so pleased to have Charlie Simeone on our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!
Charlie Simeone

Charlie Simeone         

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