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Cody Lewis

Cody Lewis

Cody Lewis is a sensational 19 year old bodybuilder from California. He now stands 5'11" tall and competes at around 220 lbs. with an off season weight of around 245 lbs. To look at him now though, you would never believe how he got started with bodybuilding. How this 13 year old skinny boy believed he could be a potential genetic muscle freak, looking at his thin muscles in the mirror, is a mystery since he absolutely could see in the mirror no signals of any genetic disposition to build muscles. But Cody Lewis quickly learned to stay halfway between the imaginary and real worlds. He realized the most important thing for a beginning junior bodybuilder was to dream and to believe, to long for and to work hard. And Cody learned that the more lively he could dream about himself as a great bodybuilder, the more strongly emotions would drive him to really become a great bodybuilder. This power of belief drove Cody to become one of the biggest and most impressive teen bodybuilders to ever hit the stage. Cody entered his first show, the 2008 NPC Contra Costa Championships at age 17, winning Teen Heavyweight, Teen Overall, and taking 4th Place in the Novice Light Heavyweight and 8th Place in the Open Light Heavyweight Classes, at a weight of 181 lbs. A few weeks later he went on the stage at the NPC California State Championships, once again winning the Overall Teen and taking 2nd Place in the Novice Light Heavyweight Class. We saw Cody compete at the Cal show, and he was impressive. Cody then took time off to focus on building as much muscles he could. He always had a very lean physique with a fast metabolism, and for him it always was harder to add mass…until a year later when he reached an outstanding bodyweight at 285 lbs! When in the off-season, Cody “the Beast” usually trains six times a week (sometimes two bodyparts a day) since he feels that, because of the extra-feeding he can train his body balls-out. During the bulking period Cody eats around 10-12 meals a day, very high calories (around 7500!) with about 550 grams of proteins, 450 carbohydrates and 120 grams of fats. While approaching a show he still trains six days per week, but the duration of each workout shortens and the intensity level goes – using his own words – “Up through the roof!” . He always loves to train heavy, unless about two weeks out either for avoiding injuries or because of the lower levels of energy. Close to a contest Cody eats around 6 meals a day for a total number of kalories of about 2500. Hi best bodypart is his legs, which he trains extremely heavy with squats, leg presses, hack squats and leg extensions. Cody's measurements are impressive, with legs in offseason at 32″, arms offseason at 20″, forearms offseason at 16 1/2″, calves offseason 20″, chest 48", thighs 27" and neck 16". So after his first impressive contest wins at 17 years of age, with 2 years off for training and bulking, Cody set his sights at the 2010 NPC Teen Nationals in Pittsburgh, where at 19 he hoped to become the Teen National Champion. We had seen Cody compete at 17, and then again at age 19 at the Teen Nationals, and saw that he had truly transformed his physique, now truly a teen beast on stage. It was perhaps the most impressive and competitive Teen Nationals ever. He won 1st Place in the Teen Heavyweight Class, but then in an extremely controversial decision, the overall title was awared to the Light Heavyweight winner. Cody through it all kept positive and was confident of what he brought to the stage, and was looking to the future and working to get his Pro card. We photographed Cody the morning after the Teen Nationals and he was great. We think Cody is the next big thing to hit bodybuilding, and are very pleased to add Cody Lewis to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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