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Alex is a massively muscled bodybuilder from Utah. He has competed in several bodybuilding competitions. In 2005 he place 5th in the Super-Heavyweight Class at the NPC Emerald Cup, in 2007 he placed 5th again in the NPC Los Angeles Championships and in 2008 he competed in his first National NPC show, the USA's held in Las Vegas which is where we met Alex competing in the awesome Super-Heavyweight Class. Alex is 27 years old, stands an incredible 6'5" tall and sports 22" biceps. His chest measures 53.5", quads 32.5" and calves 20". This super-heavyweight in his off-season gets his weight to as much as 300 lbs before cutting down to his stage weight of 258 lbs! Alex started bodybuilding in high school while lifting for football. They didn't teach him about bodybuilding there so he got a lot of his info from magazines like FLEX and MuscleMag . He ate a ton, about 6000/day calories in his senior year. For all four years of high school Alex played football in the fall, starting on both offense and defense, his coach saying that his cardio was so good from swimming all summer that he could do it. Then Alex played basketball in the winter and did swim team in the spring, swam for a club during the summer along with football and basketball camps. So he was expending a lot of energy, and was very active. After high school Alex played for a junior college in California for a year and then at the University of Utah for a year before playing Arena Football for the Blaze in the NIFL. That was in the winter and spring of 2003 and after that he competed in his first bodybuilding contest in October 2003. He has been at it ever since! We are very pleased to add Alex Jacobsen to the roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!


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