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Petr Prielozny

Petr Prielozny 

Petr is a 21 year old Czech junior bodybuilder, fitness model and personal trainer from Prague. He recently moved to New York. He is 5'11" tall and currently weighs about 220 lbs of quality muscle and will lean down to around 185 lbs. as he gets closer to the contest. Petr started his career as a bodybuilder, having won many bodybuilding competitions. In 2004, he took 6th place at the Bohemia Championships (Teenage category up to 67 kg). In 2005, he took 6th place in the same contest (Junior Category up to 72 kg), and in 2007 he took 2nd place (Junior Category up to 77 kg). Also in 2007 Petr placed 3rd in the Czech Republic Championships (Junior Category up to 77 kg.). Aside from bodybuilding, his other interests are cooking and studying anatomy. He doesn't do any other sports to avoid the risk of injuries. We were able to photograph Petr in New York City just 2 weeks out from his competition in Miami at the Musclemania Universe Championships. He has plans to compete in several bodybuilding competitions in 2009, and we will follow his progress. We are pleased have Peter Prielozny join the roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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