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Rich started lifting weights at the age of 14, when he joined his first gym. The only New Year’s resolution that he remembers making before the age of 21 was the one he made a month before turning 15 when he swore that he would get big. Well he got big! After lifting in the gym consistently for about a year, a teen bodybuilder Rich trained with recommended that he do a show. He was then up to about 135 lbs, so he aimed to do a show the summer of 2001 when he was 16. Rich entered the Bluegrass Muscle Classic tipping the scales at 120 lbs and placed 2nd out of three competitors. The next month he entered a Tri-State show in Indiana and won 1st place. After these shows, Rich posted his photos on, and won teen bodybuilder of the month. The next year was the big turning point for Rich who knew he really could become something if he wanted it bad enough. He took 15 months off to bulk up, and added another 20 quality pounds to his frame, bringing him up to 160 lbs. In November 2002, Rich entered and won the teenage division of the 2002 Kentucky State Bodybuilding Championships, besting three other competitors. One of the guys weighed in at 176 lbs in decent condition, but Rich's super-shredded 140 lb frame still killed his. After the Mr. Kentucky, Rich decided to take it to the next level and compete at the NPC Teen Nationals is 2003 where he placed 3rd but Rich was not happy with that and felt he was flat. He also felt he still needed more size. In January 2004, Rich joined the military and by the end of his 15 month tour, Rich had then reached 173 lbs. After coming back to the States, Rich entered the Mr. Kentucky again in 2005. This time, he entered the open division, and competed as a lightweight at 151 lbs. There were six competitors in the class, but was barely edged out from 1st place. Rich didn’t care though, because the top two spots qualified for nationals. This was enough motivation to make Rich put all of his effort into bodybuilding, knowing that he had finally earned the right to compete in a true national-level show. Over the next nine months, Rich put on another 10 lbs bringing him up to 183 lbs. After battling a couple of injuries, he settled at 180 lbs, and set his sights on the 2006 NPC Nationals. His plan was to get down to 154 lbs to weigh in, and walk onstage the next day at 160 lbs after carbing up. We met Rich a couple of days prior to the 2006 Nationals and photographed him on South Beach in Miami. Rich is 5’5” tall and has an off season weight of 185 lbs. He has has impressive beefy 18” arms, a large 46” chest and a tiny tiny waist which is 28 1/2” relaxed and only 25 1/2" sucked in! Rich is also interested in pursuing fitness modeling opportunities, so get in touch with NAB if you are interested in hiring him. In the mean time, we are very pleased to add Rich to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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