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Shane is a 19 year old bodybuilder and fitness model from Arizona. He has bee weight training for 7 years. He started experimenting with dumbbells when he was in 5th grade. He always wondered why his older brother and father trained, thinking they were wasting their lives because they were missing out of having fun. Little did he know that bodybuilding would become his favorite hobby. Bodybuilding has impacted Shane's life in many ways. People respect him for having respect for his own body and sometimes ask him questions about bodybuilding. He is very down to earth and does not think that he am better than people just because he lifts weights. This is something that he does for himself and not to make himself look better than someone. He believes that bodybuilding allows you to push yourself as hard as you want and learn what you're made of. Shane has competed in several bodybuilding contests despite his young age, including 2005 NPC Teen Nationals ( middleweight 2nd place); 2004 INBF Wisconsin Championships (men's open lightweight 1st place ); 2002 NPC Western Regional USA (16 and under division 1st place); and 2002 NPC Arizona (16 and under division first place). We photographed Shane as he competed in Pittsburgh at the 2007 Teen National Bodybuilding Championships, where he placed 3rd in the light heavyweight Teen Class. Previously competing as a middleweight, Shane competed as a light heavyweight at 173 lbs, and was packing alot more muscle on his 5'9" frame. Shane has filmed a couple of very successful workout videos, including "Brett Feldman Presents: The Shane Giese Project" and "Shane Giese: All Angles". In addition, Shane has written 36 teen training articles on the site. We look forward to seeing how Shane's career in bodybuilding develops into his collegiate years, and for now we are very pleased to add Shane Giese to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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