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At 6' of height with 232 lbs. of shredded rock hard muscle, it is no wonder Denis Sergovskiy stormed the 2007 L.A. Bodybuilding Championships. Denis, like his good friend and NAB model Vasily, is from Las Vegas, having moved there from Moscow, Russia. When he was 6 years old, he began taking karate and boxing, and then got into wrestling. At 13 Denis fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding and made it his way of life. In Russia, he began backup dancing in shows for Philip Kirkorov, a very popular Bulgarian/Russian singer. From there, 3 of his best friends, including Vasily & himself, created a show called Candyman-From Russia with Love, and in 2005 they brought it to Las Vegas, NV. We photographed Denis a week after the L.A. show and during the USA Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas. He was still in prime condition and you will be very pleased to see his NAB porfolio. We are very happy to be able to add Denis Sergovskiy to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!


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