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James Kohler is from a small town in Wisconsin, and has a twin brother, Matt, who is also a bodybuilder. Both were active and athletic in various sports: soccer, cross-country, basketball and football. At the age of 15, James became the Wisonsin state Tae Kwon Do champion, with a mere 123-pound fram. He wanted to begin working out with weights and it was not long before James began noticing change - his strength and size increased dramatically. He gained a solid 25 pounds of muscle in his first year of training. Obsessed with working out, James wanted to learn more and more each day. He soon discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. It was this book that opened his eyes to bodybuilding. He became fascinated with the sport and decided to not continue on with Tae Kwon Do competitions.

And wow - by the time James graduated from high school, he weighed 215 pounds and had 18 inch pipes. After watching the documentary Pumping Iron, which made Arnold famous, James decided to start training for his first bodybuiding competition. He entered the Mr. Wisoconsin contest in 1999, and posing to a song from the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, and imitating Arnold's posing style, he ended up winning his weight division. James continued on with his training regimen. He became a certified personal trainer and competed in 6 more bodybuilding contests throughout his college studies at the University of Wisconsin. He entered the Mr. Wisonsin contest again in 2004, and easily won his weight class.

James now felt like it was time to a national level competition for more exposure, so that is what he did. James entered the Musclemania Superbody Championships, in Miami Beach, and placed 3rd in the heavyweight class. He was pleased with this finish for his first national show, but seriously wanted to become a Pro. In November 2005 James Kohler realized a lifetime goal - he earned his Pro card in bodybuilding, winning the heavyweight class at the Musclemania World Bodybuilding Championships held in L.A.

Having relocated to California, James has also begun marketing himself as a fitness model and is studying acting. James Kohler plans on taking his bodybuilding and fitness modeling to the next level, and only time will tell what happens next. But we know this much, we are very pleased to welcome James to and know our members will enjoy his gallery!
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