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Jeff is a competitive bodybuilder from Nebraska. When younger, Jeff used to be a wrestler, but when he stopped wrestling he still wanted to do something to stay in shape. He had always enjoyed lifting weights, and it became a good stress reliever for him while in college. When he started his master's degree, Jeff joined a Gold's Gym and there were a few competitive bodybuilders at his gym who recognized that he had some potential for bodybuilding. Jeff soon developed an interest in competitive bodybuilding, and finally did his first competition in 2001. He has competed in several contests, most recently the 2008 Jr. USA Bodybuilding Championships and the Muscle Mayhem Championships (3rd Place Light Heavyweights). In 2007 he competed at the Shawn Ray Colorado NPC Classic (3rd Place Light Heavyweights) and the NPC Mike Francois Classic (5th Place Heavyweights). At a height of 5'7" Jeff competes at a weight of 190 lbs. and gets to 220 off-season.


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