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Jiri Borkovec is the Czech National Champion who wooed the judges with his muscle density and symmetry. Jiri, 20 years old and from the Czech Republic, proved that he never surrenders, at the Bohemia Junior National bodybuilding competition. After the semifinal he worried about placing perhaps only 3rd or 4th. He was angry about himself. He had oiled up outside and had recognized almost too late his call up to the stage. He had to enter on stage without pump and not oiled up properly and competed with much heavier guys. Some of them weighed about 215 lbs. He thought in the break between semifinals and finals how could he do all he needed to win. In the end he did everything well and beat them by his quality and presentation. He was fuller and harder. I won the heavyweight category and the overall as well. This is his career highlight. Before bodybuilding Jiri did many other sports in his childhood and as teenager: karate, soccer, cycling, ice hockey. At the age of 13 he started to work out as he had always admired muscles and strength. Then, one day, he said to himself, I will be a bodybuilder. He started at home with a few dumbbells and benches for three years. Then, Jiri joined a local bodybuilding club and trained at a public gym. Just 1 1/2 years later Jiri competed and was judged good enough to win the Czech National Championship in 2004. This was the beginning of his career as bodybuilder. At the moment Jiri is a college student focused on production control. He's determined to become a professional bodybuilder. However workout, equipment and trips to competitions are expensive. Therefore he's looking for sponsors to finance his training and career. The 6', 190 lbs. college student competed in America for the first time at the 2007 Musclemania Superbody Bodybuilding Championships held in Miami, Florida. was there to witness him, and Jiri was quite spectacular and won the very competitive Juniors class. He would like to move to the U.S. one day and continue to compete here and do some sport modeling. And he dreams of opening his own gym finally. We are very pleased and privileged to add Jiri Borkovec to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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