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Julian started modeling to help pay his way through graduate school, and in doing so has achieved a great deal of success. He has appeared in Men's Health magazine numerous times, Gym Magazine, Men's Workout and Burn Magazine (and has also appeared in Mandate, Men and the Advocate magazines). Julian has also appeared in numerous advertisements for products ranging from swimwear to fitness centers to suits, and has also made television appearances on Bravo and the WB.

In addition to modeling, Julian has had several articles published several times in fitness magazines. He was a contributor to Baseball for Dummies where he was quoted numerous times and prescribed workouts for rotator cuff injuries.

Julian currently lives in New York City, which he loves because of the great restaurants, the culture and the excitement, but at the same time it is so close to the mountains and the ocean.

A certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise and owning his own training business in New York, Julian's personal workouts include training 5 days a week hitting each body part at least one day a week. For a really fun cardio, He plays basketball in a league of New York City professionals. Julian also takes his nutrition very seriously and follows a strict diet regimen, eating 5 to 6 times a day. He must be doing something right, just take a look at those killer abs! He generally benches 295 for 6 reps, squats 365 for 10 reps and shoulder presses 185 for 5 reps.

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