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Canadian natural bodybuilder Justin Mosher, from Nova Scotia, casually started working out roughly three years ago to recover from a hockey injury, but he ended up pumped with a newly found passion. To Justin, bodybuilding was a way to prove things to himself. Starting to work intensively became a real involvement of hard work and dedication but it was really enjoyable to Justin, who wound up entering junior bodybuilding competitions for the first time in 2007, winning first place at the Canadian Provincial and Atlantic levels. Justin then signed up for the FAME World Championships in Toronto, a strictly all-natural national bodybuilding competition. He traveled to Toronto for the contest and claimed a second place victory in the Junior Muscle category. Preparing to train for a show takes at least five days a week in the gym and eating seven meals a day with lots of protein, and according to Justin the challenge is all the diet, cutting out milk, bread and sugar for competitions. Then there are his buddies at work who pull out their lunch, and all he has is a giant chicken and maybe a table spoon of salt. Despite such challenges, Justin plans to continue participating in bodybuilding competitions and will soon begin preparing for another FAME contest. Justin, 5'8" tall and weighing 155 lbs, is also interested in fitness modeling. We are very pleased to add Justin to the roster of top upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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