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The phenomenal Gribbin brothers from Long Island have been an instant sensation from the moment they released a workout video they made together. At 6'2" and 230 lbs, with massive and well-defined muscles, Kevin is quite incredible and impressive. His brother Matt is also a model and champion bodybuilder who won the NY Musclemania Heavyweight Division. While a college senior, Kevin trained for strength to insure peak performance on his Varsity Football squad. He hit the weights five days a week plus a sixth day for cardio. Whether in the gym, on the gridiron, or the contest stage, this guys is INTENSE. But you only need to look at his amazing physique to know that. At the 2007 Musclemania Superbody Bodybuilding Championships, Kevin made his debut on the bodybuilding stage with his trainer, brother Matt, at his side. Amazingly, Kevin was victorious in edging out his competition in the heavyweight category, and then went on to become the Men's Overall Champion, making him a Musclemania Pro! Pretty cool for just his very first bodybuilding contest. The door is now also open for Kevin in the field of sports modeling, and he is anxious to find work opportunities. We are anxious to see where Kevin, a high school phys ed teacher, goes now with his bodybuilding, but for the time being, we are very pleased to add Kevin Gribbin to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!


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