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Mike Lipowski is a competitive natural bodybuilder and International Association of Resistance Trainers (IART) Certified Fitness Clinician. He also holds a college degree in Physical Education. Mike is also co-founder of Team H.I.T., an online community and forum for competitive and aspiring bodybuilders who utilize High Intensity Training as their primary training methodology. Mike is now the Owner of Pure Physique Personal Training Studio In New York and is also the author of PURE PHYSIQUE: How to MAXIMIZE Fat-loss and Muscular Development and a writer for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine as well as having written for numerous other health & fitness publications locally, nationally, and world-wide. As a competitive bodybuilder, Mike has alot of experience, including the 2002 INBF Natural Hercules International ( BantamWeight, 3rd place), 2005 INBF Natural Hercules International ( BantamWeight, 3rd place), 2006 INBF Northeast America (BantamWeight, 2nd place) and 2007 INBF Naturalmania Nationals (BantamWeight, 2nd place). It took Mike alot of years and knowledge to attain these results in competitions. In high school his focus was on sports, particularly lacrosse, which got him into a good college, and wrestling, which he first started in 2nd grade and participated in every year until he graduated high school. However, even with that busy sports schedule, Mike could always find time to weight train. Through his many years of weight training, Mike uncovered what he believes to be the secrets of a successful training routine. Upon graduating from college, Mike got a job at a one-on-one personal training facility that followed the Nautilus training philosophy. It was here that he began to unlearn much of what he was taught in college and most especially muscle magazines. He was now beginning to find what he had always looked for - the truth about bodybuilding. From there he moved to another gym because he had learned as much as he could from that first facility and had thirsted for greater knowledge. It was at this second gym that Mike was lucky enough to meet other HIT trainers who introduced him to the writings of the IART, Mike Mentzer, and Super Slow. He soon became consumed in all the information that was made available to him and his training philosophy quickly became rational and logical and his body became evidence of such. But even these results where short lived as he got deeper and deeper into the protocol of ever increasing intensity, decreasing volume and decreased frequency. Soon his physique began to regress and his dreams of the "comic book Super-Hero physique" disappeared altogether. Knowing that there was still much to learn, Mike decided to undertake the IART Level II course. The process of obtaining his certification was demanding and at the same time enjoyable as the truth was soon becoming clear. The improvements made in his clients were evidence of the effectiveness of this newfound knowledge. However there was a bonus that came along with his studies. Mike's training protocol changed and his body followed. Soon, the dream of the "comic book physique" started to come back to Mike and he realized that such a physique might be unattainable for him but he was sure as hell going to keep trying. He began to compete in natural bodybuilding contests. This alone was a dream that he never thought possible until he developed his new training and nutrition protocols under the IART guidelines. Unfortunately most natural contests don't have a bantamweight division (143 lbs. and under) so in his first two shows he didn't place being one of the smallest competitors. In his third show, which did have a bantam class he placed 4th. More importantly, at each show (all 2 weeks apart from each other) he improved upon his physique and learned more about his body. With that, Mike's saw great improvements to his physique and improved results in competitions. We met Mike at the 2007 Naturalmania show, and he looked great. We are very pleased to add Mike Lipowski to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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