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Nathane is a Canadian fitness model with an incredible physique. Fitness has been a driving force in Nathane's life ever since he moved to the United States to attend high school. It placed him in a position to be successful and has opened many doors for him throughout his life. His objective is to give back and become the role model that he once looked to for motivation, inspiration and support. He started out as a "walk-on" football player back in high school in Illinois and after one year I was suiting up for the Varsity team. Weightlifting and general fitness carried Nathane through four years of being a multi-sport athlete and allowed him to continue his athletic career for an additional four years of University basketball both in the United States and in Canada. Once he finished University Nathane started personal training and within two years he owned his own Personal Training business. In 2006 he was sought out to help a start up company in the health, wellness and fitness industry. As an example of his dedication to projects, Nathane moved across Canada from B.C. to Ontario to be a part of this up and coming team of professionals. He is also a monthly contributing fitness columnist for Snap magazine in Toronto, along with many other smaller publications. Nathane is a current fitness competitor in the WNSO, and was fortunate enough to win his last regional show and placed 2nd in the 2007 FAME Nationals, where we met Nathane and photographed him. As a result of his training for all these event, Nathane has been presented with many opportunities, including being able to shoot with some of the top photographers in Canada and the United States. He has appeared in supplement ads for Met-Rx and Advanced Sport Netriceuticals. Recently, Nathane was hired as Harlequin's newest male cover model in which a behind the scenes segment was filmed and aired on Entertainment Tonight Canada in April 2007. Nathane is excited about exploring further opportunities in fitness modeling as well as acting. We are pleased to be able to add Nathane to the roster of top fitness models and bodybuilders at!

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