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Rick is a 35 year old bodybuilder and part time fitness model from Toronto, Canada. A social worker by career, he has been published in Men's Exercise and Natural Bodybuilding Magazine. He is also part of the NxLabs athlete roster and has been published in the PUMP Book and Plasmavol creative materials. Rick has been competing in bodybuilding and fitness model contests. We met Rick when he competed in the 2007 FAME Nationals in Toronto. He won his bodybuilding contest. In his very first bodybuilding contest, the South Central Mississauga Championship, Rick placed 3rd in a really tough lineup, giving him encouragement to continue on with competitions. He lives a bodybuilding lifestyle of living and eating healthy. This from a guy who was overweight when younger, and who changed his outlook in his teens. He stays motivated by continuously changing his workouts by incorporating supersets, dropsets, rest-pause or changing the exercises all together. He can bench 365 lbs and squat 455 lbs. At 5'9" tall, Rick packs an amazing 210 lbs of rock hard muscle on that frame. Rick intends to continue competing as a bodybuilder and would also like more opportunities in fitness modeling. We are very pleased to add Rick to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!


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