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In July of 2001, after being 30-40 lbs overweight my whole life, New Yorker Rob Moran was ready for a change. His biggest challenge was that he made poor eating choices and didn't know what he had to do to achieve a good physique. So he joined a gym and started to soak in every piece of information he knew how. Rob read books, magazines, and anything he could from the internet. He always felt that there is something he could improve upon. There is a constant desire to be better today than he was yesterday. That is what had led him to the stage for the first time in October 2005. Rob took 1st place in the Novice Short Class at the NBI PRO/AM Natural Bodybuilding Show in Tarrytown, NY. Being on stage was a feeling Rob could never forget. There was such a rush that came from everything involved with competition, especially the satisfaction of completing a goal. With the taste of completion still on his tongue, he entered the NBI Tri-State Open on March 11, 2006. He ended up winning the Novice Lightweight & Overall Novice categories while pocketing a Best Poser award as well. That contest was another incredible experience and he knew that he was hooked for life. For his most recent contest, Rob had gone through one of his larger bulking phases. His weight was up to 205 but he was still confident he would come into the show in the best shape of his life. There was so much on the line for Rob…big show, bright lights of New York City, different natural organization, and most of all a diet he had never used. Twenty weeks later, Rob stepped to the stage on June 30, 2007 at the INBF Hercules Bodybuilding Championships. The night ended with him holding a 1st Place trophy for the Open Men’s Middleweight division and a WNBF Pro Card! It was an incredible experience for rob and all of the hard work and dedication was more than worth the end result. At 5'8" of height, 27 year old Rob packs 166 lbs. of hard muscle on his frame (off season 210). We met and photographed Rob the day he won that Pro Card, and we are now very pleased to add Rob to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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