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Ryan is a massive bodybuilder, who competes as a super-heavyweight in bodybuilding competitions, weighing in at around 250 lbs. In his off-season, Ryan's weight increases to 280! He 6'2" tall, and has a 52 1/2" chest, 17 1/2" arms, 31" quads and 18" calves. He is a big boy! Recent competitions included 1st place in his class and Overall in the Mid Florida Classic and 3rd place in the super-heavyweights class at the 2007 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships. Ryan is a personal trainer in Florida, certified in NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) and NSCA (National Sports and Conditioning Association) CPT(Certified Personal Trainer) . While in college, where he majored in health and minored in general nutrition, Ryan attended with a full football scholarship, and received All Conference an All American honors in his senior year. This led to his receiving many free agent offers by 11 different NFL teams and he decided to sign with the Tennessee Titans. After less then a year with them he was released but was signed a week later by the Atlanta Falcons where Ryan played for two years. After leaving football, personal training and bodybuilding were just natural attractions for to Ryan. An event in Ryan's life should serve as an inspiration to all of us. After doing his first bodybuilding show 3 years ago, the Mid Florida Classic, Ryan was diagnosed with a golfball sized tumor in his C7 vertebrae in his neck. He checked into a hospital and had it removed and his C5 through T2 vertebrae fused for added stability in his neck. Just 14 months later, Ryan was back on at the 2007 Southern States contest, and feeling great. We met Ryan at this show and photographed him there. Ryan is looking forward to competing further in a few national level shows. We are very pleased to be able to add Ryan to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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