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Steve is a 22 year-old bodybuilder/model from Columbus, Ohio. We photographed Steve in his off-season while we were visiting the Arnold Expo in Columbus. Growing up, he has always been pretty active, whether it was football or wrestling, or just plain exercise. He is a very competitive guy, and he thinks that is why he picked up bodybuilding after graduating from high school. He put on a lot of size and ended up after one year of hard powerlifting putting on about 50 lbs. People at Steve's gym started telling him that he needed to enter a show. Steve kept hesitating for about a year and then finally did a show in the fall of 2003, but was sidelined due to a near fatal motorcycle wreck. Steve soon came back spring of 2004 and competed once again. He has had alot of success in the sport and he likes the devotion and mental commitment that comes with bodybuilding. Steve competed in the following shows: 2006 Ohio State Champ (2nd light heavyweights), 2006 Mr. Cincinnati (1st in juniors & 1st in light heavyweights), 2006 Mr. Buffalo (1st light heavyweights & 1st in novice heavyweight & novice overall winner), 2005 Upper Ohio Valley ( 2nd light heavyweights), 2005 North Indiana (2nd light heavyweights), 2004 Tri-State Classic ( 2nd in middleweights), 2004 Upper Ohio Valley (1st in juniors) and 2004 Northern Kentucky (1st in teenage). That is quite a good record for a 22 year old. His height is 5'10 and during the off-season his weight is around 230 lbs. His competitive weight is usually around 195 lbs, but he plans to go up a weight class this year to the heavyweights. Steve is currently pursuing a college degree to become a nutritionist. His ultimate bodybuilding goal is to become a pro, which takes time a lot of effort, but we think this kid has what it takes. We hope to photograph Steve again the next time he competes, but for now, we are very excited to add Steve to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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