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At 5'9" tall and weighing 260 lbs, 26 year old Ted Voight from Illinois is a big boy! He does diet down to 207 when he is competing. Ted has been lifting and working out to some extent since he was 11. But he never saw himself as a bodybuilder growing up. Like many people, he thought the look simply didn’t make sense. Once he got into the dynamics of the body, though, he was hooked.

The former IHSA state-qualifying wrestler and Johnsburg football player had plans to continue his football career at Illinois State. But he decided to put that behind him. Voight started as a business major, then found out about ISU’s exercise and nutrition program. Post-college, Ted was a personal trainer at Life Time Fitness, and he hoped to work his way up the corporate ladder. When that didn’t happen, Voight felt he was capable of opening his own place, only with a personal touch. That’s just what he did a little more than a year ago when he started PT 101, a personal training and fitness facility. Ted specializes in fat loss, weight management, and building and maintaining dense muscle mass. He holds NASM and ACE certifications. PT 101 has nine full-time trainers and one part-timer, all capable of handling diverse clientele. Whether it’s kickboxing, bodybuilding or treating knee or rotator cuff problems. Rather than start out at a novice show, Ted delved into the Mr. Illinois competition when he was 24. He took third at light heavyweight, but only the top two receive national qualification status. But Ted didn’t ease up. Last year, he returned to the Illinois competition and also traveled to Wisconsin’s. He won both at light heavyweight, earning national show qualification status through June 2008. Along the way, Voight has a growing supplemental company sponsoring his path in Pride Nutrition. After competing recently at Junior Nationals, he realizes he needs to work more heavily on his arms and bulk up to a 225-pound frame so he can become a heavyweight. His hope, obviously, is to attain professional bodybuilding status. At that level, the judging criteria is flawless. “At the national level, they look at what you don’t have,” Ted said. “Everybody’s got a good six-pack, bulging pecs. But when you walk out there, you just say, I’ve been able to put this together, and this is what I got.” Well Ted already has quite the total package, and we are pleased to add Ted Voight to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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